Peer Support Club Membership Criteria

The aim of the Peer Support Program is to offer social /leisure opportunities for adolescents with an intellectual disability who have low support needs.


You must meet Primary Funding Criteria
– Be 12-20 years of age
– Live in the Shoalhaven local government area
– Have an Intellectual disability eligible for the disability support pension or carers support pension
– Live with your family in the community(not live in a group homes or supported accommodation situations where paid staff offer care)
– Have a social support need

Secondary Care Criteria
– Be willing to participate in a social support program
– Have independent transport to nominated outing pick up and return points
– Not require 1-to-1 behaviour supervision /support
– Be willing to participate in a social support program
– Must stay with the group (not wander/abscond from the group)
A priority will be given those applicants with a moderate level of dependency in support needs as there are limited resources available to provide staff/volunteers to assist on outings.

If you are assessed as having higher support needs and do fit the criteria you may still be able to participate but will need to provide your own support person.

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Peer Support


Social Support


9 January 2017


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