The meaning behind JASPERS was brought about by a discussion with one of the people we support, Brad Fitzgerald. It means ‘Just a Special Person Enjoying Recreation ‘. The group originated due to the need for social /recreational programs in the local area that accommodate for men over the age of 18 with an acquired brain injury (ABI). The JASPERS group has been operating since 2010, the meet on a Monday for four hour per day.

Jasper - Just a Special Person Enjoying RecreationJASPERS offers the men an opportunity to socialise with other men with similar support needs and of course they bring along their own different unique personalities which enhances the group dynamics.

Since conception Jaspers has grown in leaps and bounds. As the individuals develop their personal skills are relying less on staff support to determine what activities and outings they want to participate in.

Being involved in the JASPERS group the men have had the opportunity at building community networks and friendship’s with a variety of recreational and social opportunities chosen by the group some include the following:
• Developing new skills and interest’s
• Increasing self-esteem and a sense of achievement
• Contributing to community projects
• Community integration and group participation

The JASPERS group have been involved in the following activities;
Yabbying, Bush walks, Fishing, Golf, Ice Skating, Train Trip, Big Foot , Movies Radio, Controlled Aircraft Go Karts, Lawn Bowls , Dolphin/Whale Watching Cruse, Flight Museum, Farm Visit, Photography Activity, Jamberoo, Cambewarra Lookout, Shopping Lunch , Berry Treat Factory ,Wine Tasting, Candle Shack, Horse Races, Swimming, cooking and building herb pallets for Interchange respite House.



Group Respite


9 January 2017