Interchange Shoalhaven has been providing support to people in our community for over 25 years.

We embrace the changing world of NDIS to support the needs of participants.

Our guiding principles define the way we do this.

Our purpose is at the heart of why we do what we do;

To enable participants to live their life, their way.

Our vision is what the world looks like when our purpose is realised;

We see a community where all people have choice and lead good lives.

Our mission is our quest, it’s how we will achieve our vision;

We provide pathways for people with disabilities to live a good life by asking them what they want and supporting them to achieve this, their way.

Our values are how we behave and what we stand for;

We have six core values;



We are committed to the delivery of quality services in an open and

transparent support environment. We give people space to express their opinions in

a safe and respectful environment, and encourage learning and development. We openly encourage new ideas and innovation in the workplace and actively encourage this in our practices.



We respect all people from all walks of life and cultures and will work with individuals to develop meaningful support. We are respectful in our communications with or about our colleagues, customers and suppliers.



We work closely with individuals to match their support to the goals they wish to achieve.

We work in an innovative, flexible environment and love to trial new ways of working.



You can count on us to deliver what we set out to achieve and be assured that our staff will support you. You can rely on the support of your fellow staff and the team.



We will communicate with people how we are working together to achieve their goals.

We are responsive to the changing needs of the environment we work in and embrace

this change positively.



We believe everyone has a choice, and we choose to work as an employer and provider of choice for people here in the Shoalhaven.


Guiding Principles


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5 February 2018