To help build awareness and understanding of the NDIS in the Australian Deaf Community we have recently developed NDIS communications materials as Auslan videos, which are now available here and on the NDIS website.

The videos explain what the NDIS is, the way people and providers interact with it and introduce some key concepts regarding how the NDIS works.

This project was a collaborative production with the full involvement of native Deaf Auslan users to develop the most accessible Auslan communication products possible. Vicdeaf Sign Language Video Productions produced these video clips, and gathered a diverse linguistic team to create equivalent signs for NDIS concepts to ensure they are accurate and reflect the diversity of language in Auslan across Australia.

Equivalent signs have been created for the purpose of translating existing information in to Auslan and we are pleased to provide them to help all Auslan users understand and talk about NDIS concepts in the same way. You can see each new sign in the series of videos now available.

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10 January 2017


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